Announcing our partnership with the Center for Leadership Studies

Logic2Performance is proud to announce our partnership with the Center for Leadership Studies. Through more than 200 professionals in 30+ countries, CLS’ programs, based on the unique Situational Leadership®Model have developed unique leadership skills in over 14 million individuals worldwide. We are, today, building leaders for the increasingly demanding world of tomorrow.

The Driving Force Behind the Situational Leadership® Model

The Situational Leadership® Model discovered by Dr. Paul Hersey has continuously been the central force in the remarkable success in building Situational Leadership® leaders in thousands of companies across the world. Dr. Hersey’s driving insight is that the subjective dynamics of a leader’s challenges are not the factors of leadership success. Rather, the task at hand is always the starting point, and virtually any challenge can be defined as a task.

Once a task is defined, each individual on the team is objectively assessed for Performance Readiness®, giving the leader the ability to fully optimize each individual’s contribution to the team effort. Situational leaders lead individuals who happen to be part of a team, rather than leading a team that happens to contain individuals.

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