Announcing our new Simplified Learning Management System

Logic2Performance is proud to announce our S-LMS (Simplified Learning Management System), a radical departure from what you’ve come to expect from traditional LMS’s.

What is S-LMS? Maybe it’s easier to start by telling you what it isn’t.

  • No usernames and passwords to remember
  • No user interfaces to navigate to find your class
  • No complicated reporting systems to sift through
  • No long classes you have to set aside time to take

What S-LMS is.

  • Just in time training that comes to you on your laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Brief, impactful, engaging classes that fit into your current workflow
  • Reports that we develop specifically for you
  • Demonstrate-able return on investment

Forget what you’ve come to expect from traditional LMS’s and traditional training content that becomes an obstacle for your team to have to fit into their day. Begin reaping the rewards of impactful material delivered directly to you with minimal intrusion into your day and maximum results.

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