Tom Sawyer Company

We have partnered with Carolyn Sawyer and the Tom Sawyer Company for subject matter expertise and communication in the following areas:

Company-Wide Development

Critical Event (Crisis) Communication – Training based on issuses of crisis (change in leadership, earnings and community/peers perception) and how to effectively communicate your position.
Cross Marketing – Training based on strategic target martketing and building working relationships through several forms of communication for product/company diversity.
Customer Service Cultivation – Training based on communication between the company and the customer and how to develop superior customer service.
Diversity and Sensitivity Training – Training based on issues of diversity and sensitivity (race, age and gender) and how to address these issues for a positive outcome.
Teambuilding – Group building activities, demonstrations and lecturues on how to be a more efficient team and company as a whole; participants will gain a better understanding of themseleves and their colleagues so that everyone can become a better team for the company.
Leadership Professional Development

Executive Coaching – Higher level employees’ training based on leadership, communication, teamwork and performance expectations.
Image Enhancement – Training based on techniques that enhance your image like color analysis, speech critique and wardrobe analysis
Networking and Sales Development Training – Training based on different relationships (networks) and how to put them to work for you and your business
Presentation Training – Training based on how to deliver your message and the Do’s and Don’ts of presentation
Teambuilding – This training helps leaders understand the dynamics of the realtinoships they are in and how to put them to work for thier business.

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