SHR Perceptual Management

Logic2Performance has a reciprocal partnership with SHR Perceptual Management. SHR’s perceptual strategy process focuses the brand and identifies open perceptual space that will resonate with tomorrow’s consumer as well as today’s. Perceptual space that will drive purchase decisions. Perceptual space that your brand can own. Perceptual space that your key internal stakeholders can own as well. Because our collaborative approach ensures a perceptual strategy that your entire team can manage resulting in extraordinary economic returns.

Consumers don’t believe you. What they do believe is what they see. Our proprietary Sensory Positioning process identifies visual and other sensory cues that trigger desired brand perceptions. More quickly. More credibly, More meaningfully. The result is creative communications, product design, brand experiences and environments that cut through the clutter and connect with your target consumers. Emotionally. Automatically. At a glance.

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